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The next open air production at Gatton Park will be If a Sparrow Should Fall, written by Anna Thompson and directed by Libby Egwuba.

Performances will take place on: Weds 12, Thurs 13, Fri 14, Sun 16, Weds 19, Thurs 20, Fri 21 and Sun 23rd July 2017 all at 7.30pm

The play follows Legion, a homeless ex-serviceman, his dog and a sparrow on a journey of self-discovery, friendship and love. Along the way Legion meets a number of animals and discovers he can talk to them - a cat, a magpie, a mouse, a cow and others - who tell him about a Man who can perform miracles which they have witnessed first hand, and so he begins his journey until finally he has an encounter by a tomb in a garden. Familiar stories from the Bible are the inspiration for the animals’ own original stories; it is a riveting story for the modern world, full of comedy and grace and ideally suited to a promenade theatre production at Gatton Park. It is suitable for all ages of audience, both adults and children.

If a Sparrow Should Fall - TICKETS ON SALE HERE!

Audience Information [PDF]

Download the cast rehearsal schedule for 6th June – 18th June.

Download the cast rehearsal schedule for 20th April – 25th May.


















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